What is Canning?


can·ning (verb): Nonprofit public solicitations of monetary donations using cans in which all money donated goes to Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.


Canning Tips


1. Wear HuskyTHON Apparel

2. Have posters so people know what they are approaching

3. Be ready to explain what HuskyTHON is: “We are a year-round fundraiser culminating in an 18 hour dance marathon to raise money for Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.”

4. Tell pedestrians that the donations are for Connecticut Children’s Medical Center NOT HuskyTHON

5. Refer to the Medical Center as Connecticut Children’s Medical Center NOT CCMC

6. Make sure that your cans are labeled with the appropriate stickers

7. Smile, be friendly but not pushy!


Reminder: Remember that you are representing HuskyTHON, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center and The University of Connecticut; Be respectful, courteous, safe and of course HAVE FUN!


If you have any questions, please contact our Co-Directors of Canning.


Go Canning


Find the spring canning document HERE.

Please be sure to fill out ALL of the required information.

Note: time slots are now only an hour due to the cold weather.



Important Reminders:


  1. Everyone canning must have a canning waiver filled out
  2. Tax ID form: You will need to either have a hard copy with you or be able to access it electronically in case anyone asks for Connecticut Children’s Medical Center’s Tax Exemption number.
  3. Dress for the weather!


Donation Return:


  • Bring donations, cans, and posters to HuskyTHON’s Office in the Student Union room 218C during any office hours
  • Donations should be dropped off in an envelope or bag


If you have any questions before or during canning, contact our Co-Directors of Canning for assistance.