Fundraising Tips

  • Personal asks are the most effective way!
    • Email previous donors from last year
    • Post on social media asking friends and family for a donation
  • Collect and redeem cans/bottles and deposit the money into your DonorDrive
  • Go canning! Stand outside of your local grocery store and collect money (Contact the Director of Canning to set up canning dates)
  • Ask a friend to give their $3 coffee money to your DonorDrive
  • Offer to shovel off a friend’s car for a donation
  • Venmo charges – friends might be more likely to donate if Venmo is more convenient!
  • Donate your old clothes for quick cash
  • Dog sit or babysit in exchange for a donation
  • Offer to post an embarrassing photo or video of you dancing for every donation you receive
  • Donate your loose change to your DonorDrive
  • Promise to give friends a ride to class/the grocery store/wherever in exchange for a donation to HuskyTHON
  • Put the money you have saved on your Venmo accounts into your DonorDrive instead of just adding it back to your bank account
  • Swipe your hungry friends into a dining hall in return for a donation to your DonorDrive
  • Offer to give your friends a ride back from a night out for a donation to your DonorDrive
Wanna set up your own canning date? Here are some helpful tips: 

General canning tips:

  • Wear HuskyTHON apparel!!
  • Bring a can and signs. Both of these can be signed out in the HuskyTHON office while supplies last. 
  • Don’t be shy! Ask every person who walks by if they’d like to make a donation and support Connecticut Children’s