As HuskyTHON continues to grow as an organization, it calls for a greater internal structure. With that being said, we are excited to unveil our Captains program. Each Director on The Management Team will have a group of Captains under them that will help with their duties, their initiatives and in shaping the future of HuskyTHON! If you are looking to get more involved in HuskyTHON from the internal perspective, we encourage you to apply to be a Captain. ANYONE can apply! 

Applications CLOSE on May 8th.


Dancer Relations Captains

Dancer Relations Captains will help the Co-Directors of Dancer Relations to brainstorm and carry out creative initiatives including Color Wars, Dancer Representative pairings, and Dancer Representative special events.

Campus Affairs Captains

Campus Affairs Captains are integral in expanding and diversifying HuskyTHON by reaching out to all corners of UConn to promote involvement For The Kids at Connecticut Children’s! Campus Affairs Captains will work hard to spread awareness to different organizations and encourage the UConn community to join HuskyTHON. Some of our duties include presenting in lectures about HuskyTHON, reaching out and working with various organizations on their involvement, and spreading awareness at events through tabling.

HuskyTHON Rising Leader Captains

HuskyTHON Rising Leaders is a leadership development program for First Time Dancers. It provides a change to go Behind-the-Scenes and experience the planning that goes into HuskyTHON! This engagement program includes orientation, meet & greets, workshops, and shadowing opportunities to get further involved while maintaining a lower level of responsibility. HuskyTHON Rising Leaders Captains will brainstorm ways for the newfound members to learn the meaning of HuskyTHON, provide insight about their own experience, create a welcoming environment, cultivate the leadership skills of the new members, and mentor the next generation of leaders.


Donation Management Captains

As a Donation Management Captain, your role will include counting any physical money coming to the office as well as supporting the Co-Directors of Donation Management. You will fill a crucial role within the organization. Without Donation Management Captain’s, physical monetary donations would not be able to make it into the Donor Drive system. You will be working alongside the management team and be more involved in the HuskyTHON year-round efforts!

Corporate Partnership Captains

As a team, the Director of Corporate Partnership and the Captains will work to further build relationships with companies who have previously supported HuskyTHON and connect with new partners interested in joining our efforts. This will include researching to find companies that align with HuskyTHON’s values and supporting on-campus partnership initiatives when needed. This position is a great opportunity to grow leadership, professionalism, communication skills, and interpersonal skills while making a greater impact for our cause.

Canning Captains

Canning Captains will help make the Fall and Spring Canning Docs. Your job as a Canning Captain will be to help the Director of Canning to create canning opportunities for a larger number of people. You should feel comfortable, or be willing to learn how to reach out to stores and talk to managers to set up dates.


Media Captains

Media Captains are responsible for taking pictures and videos throughout the year. They will help to edit and produce videos and media content for HuskyTHON. There will be an emphasis on collaboration with other positions and Captains, since media can be a part of nearly every aspect of HuskyTHON.

Marketing Captains

These Captains will help to oversee social media posts, especially committing to diversifying our media to engage the entire HuskyTHON community. This will include brainstorming for captions, and providing assistance for participants in branding of their personal pages.

Merchandise Captains

These Captains will work together to collaborate graphic design ideas to create new and exciting HuskyTHON 2021 apparel. In addition, the team will work together to decide units and pricing of merchandise, as well as the distribution of these items at pop up shops and Night Of!

Creative Captains

These Captains will work with the Creative Director on creating graphics for HuskyTHON’s social media channels, designing stickers, pamphlets, name tags and shirts for Night-Of, and even making the reveal numbers! They will help by both brainstorming with the Communications Team and using technical skills to execute fun new initiatives.


JonaTHONs Captains

The JonaTHONs program, started in 2015, is made up of elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools across Connecticut that put on a wide variety of fundraisers benefiting HuskyTHON. These range from small events put on by a few students like a potluck dinner, or large year-round fundraising programs that consist of mini dance marathons and sports competitions. The JonaTHONs Captains will be paired with one or more of these schools to help them organize, plan, and implement their event. Last year, this program raised over $36,000 for HuskyTHON 2020’s final total.

Hospital Relations Captains

The role of Hospital Relations is to be the primary liaison between Connecticut Children’s and the HuskyTHON community, and to help participants find their “Why.” Captains under this division will play a key role in brainstorming ways to relay information and stories about the Miracle Families to on-campus events and social media campaigns (ex. handouts, video testimonials from families). Captains will also have the opportunity to work with the Campus Affairs, Dancer Relations, and Communications Captains to increase outreach of “Why’s” across campus. For night of, these captains will help with the development of the Kid’s Corner (an area in the Fieldhouse for the Miracle Children to do crafts and activities) and the Hallway of Hope (a hallway highlighting each of the Miracle Children), as well as accommodations for the Miracle Families.

Alumni Relations Captains

The success of HuskyTHON relies on both current and former HuskyTHON participants. With this being said the Alumni Team works together to keep the HuskyTHON alumni involved in as many ways as possible. These Captains will be planning social events to bring alumni together in the interest of HuskyTHON, crafting monthly newsletters to keep alumni informed, and reaching out to various alumni. This marks the first official year of the formation of this alumni team, therefore Captains will have the opportunity to take part in building the HuskyTHON Alumni Team into a prosperous and wholesome division of the HuskyTHON framework.


Hospitality Captains

Hospitality Captains will play an integral role in reaching out to potential new food donors and brainstorming new ideas for HuskyTHON 2021. In addition, Captains will help run food fundraisers, such as the pasta dinner, throughout the school year. They will also play a major role in the Night-of HuskyTHON, helping to coordinate food arrivals and ensuring that food distribution runs smoothly.

Strategic Fundraising Captains

Strategic Fundraising Captains will help the Director of Strategic Fundraising with various fundraising initiatives. This includes promoting fundraising ideas, reaching out to businesses and different sectors on campus, and spearheading fundraisers in various residence halls.

Special Events Captains

The Special Events and Volunteers Captains will play a crucial role in planning and running HuskyTHON special events, including ZumbaTHON and the HuskyTHON Carnival. This year, we want to diversify the population that we see at these events, so we are looking to create new special events. These Captains will help with night-of volunteer organization, including checking in volunteers and explaining their roles

Entertainment Captains

Entertainment Captains will work under the Director of Entertainment to plan, book, and run all of the entertainment at HuskyTHON 2021. This includes creating and implementing new and innovative activities for participants to enjoy during Night-of, as well as booking vendors and performers. As an Entertainment Captain, one of your main responsibilities will be to oversee and run the activities we implement. This will include running the dodgeball tournaments, overseeing all back gym activities, and much more.

Please reach out to with any questions.