Get Involved

One Generation Fighting for the Next


There is a variety of ways to get involved with HuskyTHON – no matter what level of involvement you want, there’s a place for you. The most common way to get involved in HuskyTHON is to register as a Dancer. If you’re not ready to commit to the entire time or just want to help out, you can register as a Volunteer. If you’re looking to get even MORE involved, you can be your team’s Dancer Representative, apply to be a Morale Captain, or apply to be on a committee. HuskyTHON offers an incredibly personable way to give to Connecticut Children’s. Join us in changing the future because the kids can’t wait. 

Volunteer: Those who cannot commit to the full 18 hours, but still want to remain involved by offering their help during the event for one (or more) three-hour shifts.

Dancer: Individuals who help raise funds and awareness for Connecticut Children’s by dancing for 18 hours at the dance marathon event in February.

Rising Leaders: A new leadership development program for first-time participants. It provides a chance to go behind-the-scenes and experience the planning that goes into HuskyTHON!

Dancer Representative: A representative from each team who serves as the main point of contact between their team and the HuskyTHON Management Team.

Captains: Each Director on The Management Team will have a group of Captains under them that will help with their duties, their initiatives and in shaping the future of HuskyTHON!

Morale Captain: A group of individuals who are tasked with enthusiastically inspiring others to get involved in HuskyTHON throughout the year, as well as exciting fellow dancers during the event itself.

Management Team: A group of 31 individuals who lead HuskyTHON efforts year-round and orchestrate the eighteen hour dance marathon in February.

Applications: Please fill out the corresponding application on this page if you are interested in any of the following leadership positions: Management Team, Morale Captain, or committee member.