Message from the Executive Director

Message from the Executive Director



It wasn’t until I danced in my first HuskyTHON that I realized how significant 18 hours could be. Within 18 hours, miracle children become celebrities, diseases and disorders disappear, parents experience unwavering support, college students play a role in something truly greater than themselves – and that is just the beginning.


However, those profound 18 hours would not be possible without the year of hard work and passion that the entire HuskyTHON community dedicates. In the final seconds of the 18 hours, when we stand on stage and reveal our 2020 fundraising total, it will not be the numbers that I will be looking at. I will be looking at the Management Team, who worked tirelessly for that moment, driven by their infectious passion For The Kids. I will be looking into the sea of over 3000 dancers, dancer representatives, morale captains, and volunteers, as they embrace each other with tears and smiles. I will be thinking of each donor, sponsor, and partner that contributed their support and services. I will be thinking of the UConn faculty and staff who helped unify the campus around our cause. I will be thinking of our wonderful advisory team, and their much appreciated guidance. I will be looking at the families from Connecticut Children’s who joined us, and thinking of the others who are treated there – those whose lives our efforts will change. My mind will not be focused on the numbers, but all of HuskyTHON’s moving parts that created a community that fights for the next generation.


On behalf of the 2020 HuskyTHON Management Team, thank you for your continued support that makes everything we accomplish together possible.


Anything For The Kiddos,

Emma Kryzanski

Executive Director, HuskyTHON 2020