Rising Leaders

Rising Leaders

HuskyTHON Rising Leaders is a new leadership development program for first time participants. It provides a chance to go behind-the-scenes and experience the planning that goes into HuskyTHON! This engagement program includes orientation, meet and greets, workshops, rotations, and shadowing opportunities with involved members of the HuskyTHON community to gain further insight, while maintaining a lower level of responsibility. This group of Rising Leaders has already displayed so much excitement and passion for HuskyTHON, and for the patients and families of Connecituct Children’s. The Co-Directors of Campus Affairs are thrilled to be working with our 20 Rising Leaders throughout the year, as they provide various resources for these students to become leaders within and beyond the HuskyTHON community.

Congrats to the Rising Leaders of HuskyTHON 2020!

Allyson Lyons
Amy Akel
Barbara Shehata
Cara Andrews
Ciara Gonzalez
Colin Raymond
Ellen Nelson
Halle DiCrosta
Isabella Amata
Jamiah Bennett

Jasmine Aboumahboob
Jessica Salgado
Luke Phillips
Michael Cerulli
Michaela Downing
Michele Corona
Nina Bentley
Olivia Guevara
Olivia Porcello
Sarah Rahmig


If you are interested in the Rising Leaders program, have any questions, or would like more information, please contact our Directors of Campus Affairs.