Rising Leaders

Rising Leaders

HuskyTHON Rising Leaders is a new leadership development program for first time participants. It provides a chance to go behind-the-scenes and experience the planning that goes into HuskyTHON! This engagement program includes orientation, meet and greets, workshops, rotations, and shadowing opportunities with involved members of the HuskyTHON community to gain further insight, while maintaining a lower level of responsibility. This group of Rising Leaders has already displayed so much excitement and passion for HuskyTHON, and for the patients and families of Connecticut Children’s. The Director of HuskyTHON Rising Leaders is thrilled to be working with our 20 Rising Leaders throughout the year, as they provide various resources for these students to become leaders within and beyond the HuskyTHON community.

Congrats to the Rising Leaders of HuskyTHON 2023!

Aayush Chopra

Alexandra Papzian

Allison Villano

Amy Nieto

Ancy Trinita Leo

Arya Kothari

Aubrey Nash

Benjamin Waldo

Brandon Koch

Carolyn Maher

Celia Moffitt

Courtney Balerna

Ella Centracchio

Emily Newman

Emily Pesce

Emma Roski

Erin Heslop

Eunice Kim

Grace Akhuetie-Oni

Ingrid Santos-Rivera

Jack Gallacher

Jaden Astle

Jake Ferrigno

Jasmine Metcalf

Jonathan Mulero

Joshua Akosa

Julia Purcell

Kathryn Bussey


Katelyn Greco

Kelly Recinos

Kylee Ficks

Lenie Urbina

Lucy Buccilli

Marcela Sanchez

Marielle Povinelli

Mary Grace Goodale

Megan Kelly

Megan Preston

Meghan MacDougall

Melissa Jimenez

Moksthitha Chimbili

Molly Morgan

Molly Sheridan

Natalia Delgado

Nidhi Mukka

Olivia Lyerly

Rachel Praus

Ryan Suleski

Samantha Vertefeuille

Sarah Hanna

Shealyn Tirendi

Tyler Vance

Victoria Venezio

William St. Pierre

Xiuxiu Sammis-McCoy