Morale Captain

Morale Captain


HuskyTHON is an ever-expanding philanthropy that has grown and thrived at the University of Connecticut since the very first “Midnight Marathon” held in 2000. Morale, we believe, is an integral and inexplicably important part of the foundation that makes HuskyTHON a continuing success. The Morale Team is made up of a small group of individuals who are considered leaders not only on the night of the event, but throughout the entire academic year leading up to it.

The position of Morale Captain has become increasingly sought after and competitive, and we love that so many amazing students want the chance to be involved. We are looking for some of the most inspirational, enthusiastic, HuskyTHON-obsessed students on campus to be part of our team.

Overall, Morale is the excitement leading up to and during HuskyTHON. We are the fun, crazy ones that love to stay up for 18 hours dancing and smiling. Morale Captains have to attend mandatory practices to learn the morale dance in the months leading up to HuskyTHON (no judgement zone – we accept all dance moves). Morale Captains then accompany the Management Team in teaching the dance throughout the night. In addition, Morale Captains will help run various games and activities going on the night of, and will contribute to the overall good spirit and morale.

Our Morale Captains are held to the highest standard, with other responsibilities including: tabling, canning, attending a retreat at Connecticut Children’s, fundraising year-round, spreading word about HuskyTHON, and most importantly, keeping the overall community morale high the entire year. Morale Captains are also responsible for fundraising a minimum of $600, but we encourage much more than that. Most importantly, Morale Captains are the energy that encompasses what it means to be a part of HuskyTHON!


If you are interested in learning more, please contact our Co-Directors of Morale.

Congratulations to our 2022 Morale Captains!

Abby Valentin

Abigail Botschka

Adith Velavan

Adriana DeGennaro

Alexa Monroe

Alisa Feygis  

Allison Ribardo

Allison Lund  

Alyssa Peterson

Angela Dielli

Anisha Nigam

Anna Ciraulo

Annie Burgos 

Ashley Steiner

Ashley Goldstein

Ben Klau

Bianca Longobardi

Caeley Raymond

Callie Natelli

Cameron Cordaway 

Camryn Walsh

Carly Sheridan

Caroline Kopfmann

Cecelia Lickteig

Chloe Demtriades

Christina Nault

Christina Constantinou 

Cole Bova

Colleen Brady

Dana Mulla

Darby Sweeney

Daria Veselov

Dariana Mota

Dayna Hausspiegel

Elissa Strand

Elizabeth Mulligan

Emily Zarrilli 

Emma Sked

Emma Jacobson

Emma Wilke

Erin O’Brien

Gabby Barish

Gabriella Pattavina

Gaby Molina









Gia Buttaro

Ginamarie Mastrorilli

Haley Zmijewski

Hannah Pliskin

Hannah Anselmo

Harpreet Kaur

Helena Trofa

Isabella Cipollone

Jade Strassner

Jana Patel 

Jared Lobo

Jessica Savage

Jessica Salgado 

Jessica Wang

Jessica Li

Jillian Healy

Jordan Theroux

Joshua Vaughn

Julia Russo

Julia Semmel

Julian Vivenzio 

Kaitlyn DeCamp

Kara Burkholder

Karissa Lion

Kate Lombardi

Katy Chernovetz 

Kavya Gunagapati 

Kelly George

Kenneth Caselnova

Kiley Treloar

Kristen Conover

Lauren Rudin

Layla Wazorki

Lilian Satlof

Lizzie Huliston

Mackenzie Jacob

Mackenzie Lynch

Madison Cerny

Madison Rocha

Margherita Carlucci

Maria Menoutis

Marin Smith

Marissa Ciccarini

Mark Amodio Jr

Marry Curry

McKenzie Rae

Meg Lester

Megan Alexander

Meredith Brown

Mia Overgaard

Micaela Kennedy

Nadya Ponthempilly

Nicole Baillie

Olivia Kaputska

Olivia DiBella

Paige Dalicandro

Peter Stokes

Rachel Kaplan

Rachel Hage

Rachel Wiesenfeld

Rebecca Friedman

Rebecca Mailhot

Reileigh Fleeher 

Ryan Prather

Sabrina Angulo

Samantha Hosking

Sarah Cohn

Sarah Farney

Shannon Yeung

Skyler Katz

Sonya Bostom

Sophie Rocco

Stephanie Beshoory

Stephanie Siracuse 

Stephanie Millicker

Susana Aguilar

Sydney Melanson

Taylor Emmerich

Taylor Martel

Taylor Coonan

Tess Penders

Thasfia Rifa

Thomas McGinley 

Thomas Taber 

William Cahoon