Morale Captain

Morale Captain


HuskyTHON is an ever-expanding philanthropy that has grown and thrived at the University of Connecticut since the very first “Midnight Marathon” held in 1999. Morale, we believe, is an integral and inexplicably important part of the foundation that makes HuskyTHON a continuing success. The Morale Team is made up of a small group of individuals who are considered leaders not only on the night of the event, but throughout the entire academic year leading up to it.

The position of Morale Captain has become increasingly sought after and competitive, and we love that so many amazing students want the chance to be involved. We are looking for some of the most inspirational, enthusiastic, HuskyTHON-obsessed students on campus to be part of our team.

Overall, Morale is the excitement leading up to and during HuskyTHON. We are the fun, crazy ones that love to stay up for 18 hours dancing and smiling. Morale Captains have to attend mandatory practices to learn the morale dance in the months leading up to HuskyTHON (no judgement zone – we accept all dance moves). Morale Captains then accompany the Management Team in teaching the dance throughout the night. In addition, Morale Captains will help run various games and activities going on the night of, and will contribute to the overall good spirit and morale.

Our Morale Captains are held to the highest standard, with other responsibilities including: tabling, canning, attending a retreat at Connecticut Children’s, fundraising year-round, spreading word about HuskyTHON, and most importantly, keeping the overall community morale high the entire year. Morale Captains are also responsible for fundraising a minimum of $925, but we encourage much more than that. Most importantly, Morale Captains are the energy that encompasses what it means to be a part of HuskyTHON!


If you are interested in learning more, please contact our Co-Directors of Morale.

Congratulations to our 2024 Morale Captains!

Team Captain: Emily Pesce

*Morale Internal Fundraising Committee (MIFC)

Abby Gwizdz

Adriana DeGennaro*

Alexa DiLeone

Alexandra Papazian

Alexandra Podgorska

Alexandra Robinson

Ali Villano

Alison Knell

Alivia Ciarcia

Amara Cote

Andrea Durwin

Anna Leandri

Anthony Esposito

Anthony Cardoso

Arya Kothari

Aubrey Nash

Ava Abruzzese

Ava Nickerson

Bailey Brake

Benjamin Waldo

Brenna Lewis

Bridget Rose

Caitlin Miranda

Caitlyn Sodergren

Carleigh Motycka

Caroline Kopfmann

Catherine White

Catie Noonan

Celia Moffitt

Chloe Accardi

Chloe McGuire

Christina Zamora

Christina Beaulieu*

Christina Tomcak

Ciara Demott

Ciara Reichert

Colleen Doyle

Courtney Pizza

Dana Guirguis

Darby Ritchie

Dylan Kindle

Rebecca Singleton

Ella Centracchio

Nick Wesoloskie

Mikayla Mansfield

Ava Derella

Maria Klosowski

Abraham Taracena

Molly Normandin

Madison Jolley

Matthew Parker

Alyssa Piccoli


Sophia Derella

Ella Suppicich

Emily Brayton

Emma Legg

Erin Heslop

Finn Koehler

Gianna Socci

Grace Machata

Grace Bilodeau

Gwen Schatz

Hailey Russell

Hannah Mack

Jack Loura

Jacob Aragao

JP Capodanno

Jenna Migliaccio

Jessica Lewis*

Jessica Deans

Jhalak Lund

Jide Anifowoshe

Jordan Bollacke

Jordan Sayewitz

Julia Brunetti*

Julia Noye

Julia Case

Julia Delgrego

Kailey Croke

Kasi Ray

Kayla Simoes

Kayleigh Theroux

Kiley Keough

Kylee Ficks

Lauren Downes

Lauren Naclerio

Layla Redente

Lenie Urbina

Linnea Avola

Liv Turnbull*

Liv Nevo

Macey Spangenberg

Chloe Kalahar

Emelie Mandeville

Juliana Ghorra

Kristoffer Davis

Madison Righi

Rachel Silverman

Starr D’Amato

Amanda Stowe

Alexa Bajek

Yiannis Stefanidis

Hannah Lin

Maeve Williams

Madeline Midolo


 Madison Hoang

Malina Lasicki

Maria Luca

Mariella Polizzi

Mary Tolisano

Matthew Lacroix*

Matthew Sherer

Maxine Lynch

Maxwell Rand

Megan Michael

Mia Overgaard

Molly McKeon*

Molly Sheridan

Naomi Mathew

Nikhita Sikharam

Nora Casey

Olivia Izzo

Olivia Tohill

Olivia Giuffria

Olivia Smith

Paige Foerter*

Paige O’Keeffe

Rachel Praus*

Rachel Higley

Roger Akiki*

Sammi Mullen

Sarah Barstow

Sarah Mermenegildo

Shea Tirendi

Simran Sidhu

Sofia Ragonia

Sophia Menoutis

Soudalath Souvanhnaphan

Sydney Zagarola

Sydney Dimarzio

Tara Burns

Taylor Coonan*

Tiernan Neville

Tyler Martin*

Valentina Maturi

Rachel Carbone

Molly Coyle

Meghan MacDougall

Rilee O’Doherty

Natalie Hudak

Ella Powers

Abigail Mulhern

Josh Maccione

Hannah Rae

Nicholas Murphy

Ayla Fauler

Dana Parrott

Will Hoffman