Morale Captain

Morale Captain


HuskyTHON is an ever-expanding philanthropy that has grown and thrived at the University of Connecticut since the very first “Midnight Marathon” held in 2000. Morale, we believe, is an integral and inexplicably important part of the foundation that makes HuskyTHON a continuing success. The Morale Team is made up of a small group of individuals who are considered leaders not only on the night of the event, but throughout the entire academic year leading up to it.

The position of Morale Captain has become increasingly sought after and competitive, and we love that so many amazing students want the chance to be involved. We are looking for some of the most inspirational, enthusiastic, HuskyTHON-obsessed students on campus to be part of our team. This year, one of our main focuses is on cohesiveness and leadership as a team. Our main focus is always on the kids, though.

Overall, Morale is the excitement leading up to and during HuskyTHON. We are the fun, crazy ones that love to stay up for 18 hours dancing and smiling. MCs have to attend mandatory practices to learn the morale dance in the months leading up to HuskyTHON (no judgement zone – we accept all dance moves). MCs then accompany the Management Team in teaching the dance throughout the night. In addition, MCs will help run various games and activities going on the night of, and will contribute to the overall good spirit and morale.

Our MCs are held to the highest standard, with other responsibilities including: tabling, canning, attending a retreat at Connecticut Children’s, fundraising year-round, spreading word about HuskyTHON, and most importantly, keeping the overall community morale high the entire year. MCs are also responsible for fundraising a minimum of $550, but we encourage much more than that. Most importantly, MCs are responsible for having fun For The Kids!


If you are interested in learning more, please contact our Co-Directors of Morale.

Congratulations to our 2020 Morale Captains!


Abby Davis
Abigail Conrad
Alexandra Heckmann
Alexis Decker
Allison Ribardo
Ally Dolmanisth
Alyssa Varesio
Alyssa Peterson
Alyssa Wrabel
Amy Mulla
Anna Sudigala
Annelise DeVito
Ashley Dempsey
Ashley Eng
Bhavana Gunda
Braden Frandino
Bridget Campos
Bruna Basso
Carly Malesky
Cassandra Rossetti
Cassie Cicalis
Christina O’Connor
Cole Montefusco
Colleen Ross
Courtney Ulrich
Damayanti Rane-Castrodad
Daniel Grant
Danielle Capuano
Delaney Meyer
Della Hellwig
Emily Long
Emily Tomlinson
Emily Rakers
Emily Gombotz
Emily Kleschinsky
Emily Gallagher
Emma Sked
Enxhi Taluri
Erica Pudvelis
Erin Halpin
Erin Sheridan
Erin Blake
Faith Pease
Gabby Rago
Gabrielle Sheridan
Grace Harrington
Grace Nichols
Greta Smith
Gwen Gallagher
Haley Zmijewski
Hanna Basile
Hannah Anselmo
Hannah Lauson
Isabella Cipollone
Izzy Gillis
Jacqueline Stephens
Jenna Light
Jenny Pehota
Jessica MacIntyre
Jessica Fico
Jillian Hurley
John Leahy
John O’Connor
Joyce Lin

Juan Russo
Julia Dowd
Julia Martin
Julia Lindwall
Justin Ng
Kaitlyn Drysdale
Katie Virgona
Kat Irani
Kate Burns
Kathryn Suprenant
Katie Semmel
Kendra Hall
Kimberly Simko
Kylie Schechtman
Lauren Zielinski
Lauren Roper
Lexi Liberno
Liv Palmer
Maddie Demko
Madeleine Aseltine
Madison Chiulli
Maegan Foisie
Maggie Fitzpatrick
Matt McManus
Megan Gager
Meghan Koenig
Meghan Lindsay
Melanie Amato
Melissa Scrivani
Michael McDermott
Michael DeLuca
Michelle Frankin
Mitchell Lisowski
Monica Capriglione
Morgan Bergin
Nicholas DeFelice
Nick Winslow
Nico Hickman
Nicole Wiggins
Olivia Fenn
Olivia Levine
Pat Martucci
Priya Sathyalingam
Rachel Kaplan
Rachel Haviland
Raeghan O’Connor
Roger Watrous
Rose Zimmerman
Ryan Vanags
Ryan Padden
Sam Huebner
Samuel Pruden
Sara Zambelli
Sarah Schatz
Simone Fournier
Skyler Katz
Sophie Rocco
Stanley Faynblut
Stephanie Akosa
Steven Kao
Tanya Adler
Tava DeQuattro
Taylor Lemme
Zachary Pizzuto