Dancer Representative

Dancer Representative

The position of a Dancer Representative comes with the responsibility of relaying all the important and exciting information between their team and the Management Team. All participants of HuskyTHON each play an important role in making this event possible, so it is vital that we have Dancer Representatives who are willing to serve as the liaison between the Management Team and all dancers. Each team will have the privilege of hosting a HuskyTHON Miracle Child from Connecticut Children’s for the night of the event. It is the responsibility of the Dancer Representative to prepare their team to host the child and their family. This includes things such as making a welcome poster for the child, putting together a basket or gift for the child, walking them into the event, and making sure that their child has a night to remember!

Each week, Dancer Representatives must attend meetings. This is the most effective way to receive and relay information in the clearest way possible. We encourage you to utilize our Co-Directors of Dancer Relations for any questions you have about the position of Dancer Representative.

Dancer Representatives are expected to raise a minimum of $550.

To participate as an organization in HuskyTHON, you must register your team each year. To register your team, please complete the following steps:



  1. Go to
  2. Scroll down and click “Register.”
  3. Login to your account or create a new account.
  4. Select your participant type.*
  5. Select “Create a Team” as your role.
  6. Fill out the proceeding information.


Once your team has been registered, your members can join by following the steps and joining your existing team. Keep in mind that each team will need at least one Dancer Representative.


*If you would like to change your participant type over the course of the year, please contact our VP of Membership.

Dancer Representative Testimonials

HuskyTHON is more than an event. It is a year long effort for the kids, for putting a smile on their face, for giving them the opportunity to shine, for allowing them to dance to their own beat, for showing them that we believe in them. I cannot even put into words how grateful I am to have had the oppourtnity to be a Dancer Representative last year. Walking down the tunnel surrounded by people clapping and smiling and watching our two children from Connecticut Children’s give everyone high fives gave me the warmest feeling. HuskyTHON supports and believes in every child and I am so lucky to have played a large role in the event throughout my UConn career. Always For The Kids.

Krista Hespeler

Nothing beats seeing the smiling faces of the HuskyTHON kids when first being introduced and cheered on by the UConn community.
Kara Gutcho

I dance for all the miracle children who have proven themselves to be the strongest people I know.
Scott M.

Being a Dancer Rep was so rewarding because I was really able to see how my encouragement and enthusiasm got others excited about fundraising and dancing.
Lauren W.

It’s nothing short of amazing how the entire school gets behind the cause and is united with the goal of making a difference for these kids.
Heena M.

HuskyTHON truly makes you feel like you are being the change the world needs to see!
Bri S.