Why We Dance

HuskyTHON is an organization whose mission is to raise money and awareness for the patients at Connecticut Children’s, a freestanding hospital that provides life-saving treatment to every child that walks through their doors, regardless of their ability to pay for treatment. 

“Although I was never treated at Connecticut Children’s, my hospital history has definitely molded my why. Being born at 32 weeks came with many complications. Thanks to my doctors working tirelessly around the clock, I have the opportunity to dance and make a difference for the children in my same situation. I dance for more hugs, more smiles, more laughs, and countless more miracles.”

Adriana DeGennaro

Captain, 2022

“I dance because of the impact it has had on my life. My little cousin is autistic so I will fight hard day in and day out to make sure children like her and all other suffering children have a place where kids can just be kids. I love this organization with all my heart and I will do anything for my little Miracle Children.”

Dariana Mota

Captain, 2022

I dance because of all the stories of inspiration I listened to at my first HuskyTHON. These stories reminded me how lucky I was to healthy and able to go to school. I knew that if there was anything I could do to help these incredible families I would.

Patrick Sweeney

Co-Director of Donation Management, 2022

I dance to provide a support system to the kids who need it the most by fundraising for them and engaging in fun activities with students to distract them from the difficult health challenges they deal with on a regular basis

Jessica Swirson

Connecticut Children's Advisor

When I first joined HuskyTHON as a dancer, I did so riding the enthusiasm of participants I knew, particularly the brothers of Phi Delta Theta. I was impressed with the care that everyone had for the kids. But at my first Night Of and being able to hear the stories of the Miracle Children and their families, the hard work I had put in that year had so much more value. I was amazed hearing both the struggles they had been through, and their appreciation for HuskyTHON. It made me want to work a lot harder knowing the impact that it has.

Jared Lobo

Captain, 2022

Andrew Nash

Program Development Manager, Children’s Miracle Network

“I was fortunate to have a happy, healthy childhood, but so many kids don’t get to have that same privilege. I’m fighting to provide every child with an opportunity to do the things that kids love to do – play, laugh, and smile – with the comfort of knowing that their healthcare needs will be taken care of.”

Camryn Walsh

Captain, 2022

“I dance, I participate, I fight for the kids and families of Connecticut Children’s so one day, fighting for their futures doesn’t have to be an event, it can just be a guarantee. I do this so the families of Connecticut Children’s can finally just be a family without worry.”

Mackenzie Jacob

Captain, 2022

“When I was in pre-school, my best friend Alexis was diagnosed with a heart disease and not long after she passed away at age 4. Her family relied so much on our local children’s hospital for love and support. Seeing what an impact these organizations have on getting families through the scariest times was a major reason why I got involved with HuskyTHON as soon as I could.”

I have worked with kids my whole life, including through a baseball league where I helped kids who had disabilities learn to play the game. This inspired me to work to ensure that I could support more children such as those as Connecticut Children’s on their fight to live a happy childhood.

Justin Sciplini

Director of Hospitality, 2022

I dance for a future of hope where kids could just be kids. I dance so that they do not have to worry about when their next treatment is. I dance so that they do not need to spend their birthdays and the holidays in the hospital. This past HuskyTHON, I spent time with my organization’s miracle child Joy, and the entire time I was playing with her, she had a smile on her face. Her laugh is contagious and her optimism encourages me to keep fighting for the kids. The feeling of knowing you are helping others and saving lives motivates me to continue to participate and raise money for Connecticut Children’s.

Jessalyn Juan

Director of Media, 2022