Management Team

HuskyTHON is entirely student-run, and our Management Team of 31 undergraduate students is working tirelessly to make HuskyTHON 2024 better than ever before. These students are in charge of planning, organizing, overseeing, and executing the 18-hour dance marathon. The members of the Management Team are leaders within our organization who have specific duties throughout the year depending on their subteams. The group consists of five subteams: Communications, External Relations, Finance, Internal Relations, and Membership.

We are excited to introduce you to our Management Team members! By clicking on each team member’s name, you’ll be able to learn more about their position and responsibilities via pop-up tabs. If you’re interested in becoming part of the Management Team, be sure to explore each subteam’s responsibilities by clicking on their tab. You’ll also find contact information for each current position holder, giving you the opportunity to reach out with any questions via email.

Executive Director

Mackenzie Lynch

Executive Director

Office Hours: Friday @ 12-2pm


Corina Massey

Vice President of Communications

Office Hours: Monday @ 4:30-5pm

Izzy Casais

Creative Director

Office Hours: Monday @ 11am-12pm

Paige Carroll

Director of Marketing

Office Hours: Monday @ 10-11am

Dayna Hausspiegel

Director of Merchandise

Office Hours: Tuesday @ 3-4pm

Emilia Kwasniak

Director of Media

Office Hours: Tuesday @ 11am-12pm

External Relations

Aayush Chopra

Vice President of External Relations

Office Hours: Wednesday @ 10-11am & 12-1pm, Friday @ 11am-1pm

Leah Craig & Kyle Volo


Office Hours: Tuesday @ 12-1pm

Lucca Riccio

Alumni Relations

Office Hours: Monday @ 1-2pm

Jackson Ayers & Kaitlin Malmquist

Hospital Relations

Office Hours: Wednesday @ 9-10am

Sarah Barta

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Office Hours: Monday @ 9-10am


Abby Egan

Vice President of Finance

Office Hours: Wednesday @ 2-3pm

Chris Chaplinsky

Corporate Partnership

Office Hours: Tuesday @ 2-3pm

Joe Braccio & Paul Leahy

Donation Management

Office Hours: Monday @ 2-3pm

Allison Lund


Office Hours: TBD

Internal Relations

Emma Wilke

Vice President of Internal Relations

Office Hours: Monday @ 4-4:30pm

Jylian Esposito

Special Events & Volunteers

Office Hours: Wednesday @ 1-2pm

Nicholas Bonaldo

Strategic Fundraising

Office Hours: TBD

Brianna Monte


Office Hours: Thursday @ 12-2pm

Mikey Mahoney

Office Hours: Thursday @ 2-3pm


Enzo Abruzzese

Vice President of Membership

Office Hours: Monday @ 12-1pm

Matt Farago & Nicole Zarrilli


Office Hours: Monday @ 3-4pm, Wednesday @ 3-4pm

Lauren Baxter & Miles Kee

Campus Affairs

Office Hours: Tuesday @ 9-11am

Courtney Balerna

HuskyTHON Rising Leaders

Office Hours: Wednesday @ 11am-12pm, Thursday @ 10-11am

Faith Greenberg & David Mezzina

Dancer Relations

Office Hours: Tuesday @ 11am-12pm, Thursday @ 11am-12pm & 4-5pm