HuskyTHON Explained


“Night-Of” refers to an 18-hour dance marathon known as HuskyTHON, where participants dance to raise funds and awareness for Connecticut Children’s hospital. Night-Of is held in UConn’s Field House that’s filled with a variety of themed hours, activities, games, and performances to maintain high spirits.

Miracle Children:

Miracle Children are current patients at Connecticut Children’s who we have the honor of supporting through HuskyTHON. Miracle Children and their families have the opportunity to attend Night-Of and spend time and share their stories with the HuskyTHON community!

Donor Drive:

Donor Drive is an online fundraising platform that serves as your hub for tracking donations. Participants can use it to receive donations directly, goals, and offer incentives to encourage people to donate. Through Donor Drive, participants can effectively communicate their mission, and update donors on their achievements. Learn more at: 

$10 Registration Fee:

The registration fee of $10 goes directly into your personal Donor Drive and kick starts your fundraising!

Build the Moment:

Build the Moment is HuskyTHON’s campaign slogan for 2024! HuskyTHON is celebrating its 25th anniversary, and each moment we build brings us closer to hope and better tomorrows. Throughout the years, our community has come together to end childhood illness and ultimately Build the Moment.

Circle of Hope:

At the start of the 18 hour dance marathon each participant is given a yellow miracle band upon admission. During the Circle of Hope, each participant will remove the miracle band as a symbolic reminder that, at the end of the night, they are able to head home but thousands of the patient’s at Connecticut Children’s are unable to do the same. So as your bands are removed, participants are symbolically reminded to carry the hope that no child will ever have to sleep at a hospital.

Jonathan’s Huskies:

Wanna get involved but don’t have a team? Join the Jonathan’s Huskies team! The Jonathan’s Huskies Team is a team open to anyone and everyone and is a great way to get involved and meet new people in the HuskyTHON community.

HuskyTHON Rising Leaders:

A leadership development program for first year participants. It gives participants the chance to go behind the scenes of HuskyTHON and learn more about the planning process that goes into the year-long fundraising effort. For more information, visit


Morale works to boost campus engagement and motivates the HuskyTHON and UConn community to strive to fight for something bigger than ourselves.

Kickoff Event:

HuskyTHON’s annual event held each August to welcome back the community and encourage many of the first year students to join our cause.

Reg Week:

Reg Week, short for Registration Week, is a week-long endeavor where we try to get as many people registered for HuskyTHON as possible. During this week, HuskyTHON has a huge presence on campus with a variety of promotional efforts, persuasive outreach, and interactive engagements.

Miracle Makers:

The HuskyTHON Miracle Makers Competition encourages participants to boost engagement and increase involvement within the community. Top fundraisers have a chance to win exciting prizes and opportunities!


Canning is a hands-on way to raise money for HuskyTHON. It involves standing by a business in a busy outdoor spot and asking passersby for cash donations. At the start of each month, the HuskyTHON Instagram will post a document where you can sign up for a place to can (which is added to the Linktree in the Instagram bio). You can even set up your own location to go canning!

Cans 4 Kids:

Cans 4 Kids is a fun way to fundraise throughout the year! Many of our participants collect empty soda cans and water bottles to be deposited for money at your local grocery store. This way of fundraising is environmentally friendly and accessible for participants.

Positive Tracks:

Positive Tracks is a nonprofit organization that will donation match your own fundraising efforts up to $100. HuskyTHON has several Positive Tracks associated events, such as our annual Run/Walk/Wheel 5k!

Power Hour:

During push days or during Night-Of, random hours during the day are donation matched. When donations are put into a participant’s Donor Drive, a sum of money is matched up to a certain amount, depending on what is being offered during that power hour into that participant’s donor drive.

Donation Matching:

A practice where a donor (either a corporation, person, nonprofit, etc.) pledges to match the contributions made by others towards HuskyTHON normally up to a predetermined amount.


A punchcard is something that you can post on your social media to get people to donate a set amount of money and you shout them out after they do so. HuskyTHON offers a variety of punchcard templates suited for different occasions, allowing participants to personalize their fundraising approach and engage with their social media. Here are some punchcards we have premade: 



Find Your Why:

This term is used to encourage participants to find out why they dance for HuskyTHON. It is a participant’s personal connection and motivation that pushes them year-round to support the children and families of Connecticut Children’s Hospital. Why do you dance?

Cause Connection:

HuskyTHON’s Cause Connection’s highlight the purpose and impact of the fundraising efforts of its participants. These connections emphasize how the funds collected during HuskyTHON directly contribute to aiding the hospital, the children, and their families. This helps understand their part in creating a meaningful and tangible impact on the lives of the children in need of medical care.