Day of Strength

Day of Strength: 130K Day

Thursday, February 8th

With a goal to raise $1,000,000 for Connecticut Children’s Medical Center this year, we had to look at where we, the HuskyTHON Community, could push ourselves, and do more than we ever thought possible. For the past two years, HuskyTHON has had successful 100K Days, and this year, we all need to come together, and find strength in numbers to give kids a fighting chance.


Day of Strength: 130K Day will be on Thursday, February 8th. As a HuskyTHON community our goal is to raise $130,000 in 24 hoursIn order to reach that goal, we need every participant to personally fundraiser $100 on this day. But, you won’t be doing this alone.


We will have a fundraising headquarters in SU 106 from 9am-6pm, where you will be able to pick up some HuskyTHON swag once you raise your $100. If you want to go canning to help you reach your goal, sign up here.


It is so important for us to come together on Day of Strength, and we will not reach our goals this year without each and every one of youThank you for being All In. Together, we will be stronger For The Kids in 2018!


 Top Fundraisers

  1. Samantha Gay $2,147.17
  2. Kailey Cox $2,041.00
  3. Kevin Fitzpatrick $1,898.07
  4. Connor Leahy $1,517.00
  5. Jamie Moran $1,493.00
  6. Eliza Kanner $1,423.07
  7. Nicholas Leong $1,122.76
  8. Nicki Cartier $1,112.80
  9. Mike Figueiredo $1,058.00
 10. Paige Holden $1,037.19
 11. Sahibjot Sran $982.00
 12. Emily Polito $960.00
 13. Megan Wein $882.72
 14. Chelsea DeTuccio $882.00
 15. Jacob Tisdale $830.46
 16. Rebecca Perreault $813.00
 17. Grace Orzechowski $797.23
 18. James Webb $790.00
 19. Jeffrey Sam $773.00
 20. Nick DiVanna $712.00



Top Teams

  1. Morale 2018 $28,210.31
  2. Management Team 2018 $21,487.37
  3. Kappa Alpha Theta $12,493.39
  4. Alpha Epsilon Pi $9,245.40
  5. Delta Sigma Pi $7,661.11
  6. Alpha Chi Omega $6,880.17
  7. Alpha Phi $6,247.50
  8. Alpha Epsilon Phi $5,706.11
  9. Dancing Queens $4,059.20
 10. HuskyTHON Alumni $3,693.00


After 24 hours of hard work we are beyond thrilled to say that we raised $166,236.97 in ONE day! We are in awe and so proud of each and every person who showed their strength for the kids. Now is the time, more than ever, to be #AllinForTheKids and #AllinForTheMillion.


Together, let’s show the kids and families at our hospital how much their strength has inspired us.


Are you All In?


In honor of the strength of every patient who has spent a day (or many days) at Connecticut Children’s, each participant has been challenged to personally fundraise $100.


This may seem like a lot, but we are here to help you accomplish this goal in any way that we can! Here are some ways that you can prepare to raise your $100 on Thursday:


  1. Raise Awareness: Update your profile picture using the Day of Strength Facebook Frame! Profile pictures, cover photos, insta/snap story graphics and more can be found in this folder. Let your potential donors know it’s coming!

  2. Prepare Personal Asks: Personal asks are the best way to fundraise. These templates provide examples for how to ask via email, text, Facebook post, twitter and more! Posting your link on social media is a good start, but asking directly is more effective.

  3. Ask for Cash or Check Donations in Advance: If you know someone more likely to give via cash or check you can still reach out and ask! Cash or Check donations can be dropped off at Headquarters (SU 106A) from 9am-6pm on Thursday.

  4. Be Creative! Think outside the box for ways to fundraise. A list to get your brainstorming started can be found here.

The top 5 individual fundraisers will receive prizes including a HuskyTHON apparel swag bag (signed by the kids), an invitation to the family dinner before HuskyTHON, the chance to take over HuskyTHON’s social media night-of, skip the food line passes, and more! Live leaderboards will be updated all day long.


Thursday, February 8th:


  • 9AM-6PM: Headquarters @ SU 106
    • grab a balloon for your backpack to show you’re all in!
    • drop off donations
  • 8:30AM-11AM: Egg Sandwich & Coffee Breakfast @ SU 104
    • $3 for 1
    • $5 for 2
    • $1 for coffee
    • Pop-Up Apparel Shop
  • 9AM-1PM: Valentine’s Day Bake Sale @ Pharmacy Building
  • 11AM-4PM: Moe’s Fundraiser
    • 15% of orders that mention HuskyTHON at the register
  • 12PM-3PM: Bake Sale @ Young Building Lounge
  • 12PM-5PM: Gansett Wraps Fundraiser
    • 20% of all sales
  • 4PM-8PM: Huskies Tavern Fundraiser (regular deals apply)
    • 10% of all sales
  • 5PM-9PM: Toasted Fundraiser
    • 10% of all sales
  • 9PM-1AM: AOII Mozz for Tots @ Husky Ville E2
    • $3 for 5
    • $4 for 7
    • available for delivery or pickup!


HuskyTHON set a goal of raising $1,000,000 for Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, so even though we had an amazing day of fundraising, we still have a long way to go before we reach our goal.


A mother of two patients at Connecticut Children’s, whose family has come to many HuskyTHONs wrote this after last year’s event:


This experience is beyond our wildest dreams. You all have given us such a gift. A gift of hope, a gift of positivity, a gift of a miracle! This experience carries our kids through their hardest times! I’m so blessed to be a part of this experience! We are so very proud of the money UCONN had raised for the very place that has saved my kids. It goes farther than that. This opportunity gave my kids a weekend to feel normal and to create friendships and bonds that will last a lifetime. My kids have the VERY BEST role models which is a parents dream! We don’t feel alone and we know we have people pulling for us during both our kids’ journeys! Thank you for filling our hearts with positivity and love! 


Thank you for filling OUR hearts with positivity. We have already proved that together, we are stronger.