Color Wars 2018

– Color Points –

  • White – 451 points
  • Navy – 755 points
  • Gray – 705 points
  • Red – 551 points


Color Wars (1/29-2/2)


Join us for a fun, friendly competition within the HuskyTHON community! Each day of the week there will be activities and tasks that you can do to earn your team Color Points. The team with the most points at the end of the week will get to eat first for the two meals given at HuskyTHON! In addition to this, we will also be having some Color War activities during HuskyTHON and the team with the most points at the end of it all will receive a huge monetary incentive!


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Colorful takeover: Wear your team’s color and check in at library tabling, more points per item of team-colored clothing! Team members can get additional points for posting on social media.



So You Think UConn Morale
  • Dance competition in the Student Union theater from 6-8pm

  • Choreograph your own 2-3 minute version of a portion of last year’s morale dance!

  • Cash prizes for Best Overall Dance, Most Creative, and Largest Team Attendance

  • We are giving color points for having a participating team, color points for each team member to attend

  • There will be a $5 donation to attend, but those $5 will be put back into your personal donor drive!



Scavenger Hunt
  • There will be a fun scavenger hunt for teams to complete throughout the day!
  • You will receive color points for completing each task, and a large amount of color points will be given to the team that completes the whole scavenger hunt first


Tavern Fundraiser: Color points for every team member to attend the event!


Power Hour: We are challenging everyone to raise $5 during one hour of the day, color points for each team member to raise $5!

What Team Are You On?