Check-in Week

Check-in Week

Monday, February 12th – Friday, February 16th in SU 221

This year, we are so excited to roll out our new method of checking in dancers for the event – Check-in Week! Rather than coming to the event hours prior to the start, we have come up with a convenient and easy way to check-in during the week leading up to HuskyTHON, Monday, February 12th-Friday, February 16th. Check-in will be taking place everyday in the Student Union room 221!


One color team will be assigned to check in each day, and individual participants, rather than entire teams, will be responsible to check themselves in.


***If you are a volunteer please check in on the day of the event, February 17th-18th during your designated shift time!***






Gray Team: Monday, February 12th: 8am-6pm
Navy Team: Tuesday, February 13th: 8am-6pm
White Team: Wednesday, February 14th: 8am-9pm
Red Team: Thursday, February 15th: 8am-8pm
Individuals: Friday, February 16th: 8am-3pm


***If you cannot make it to check-in during your designated color team day please come check-in on Friday or Saturday before the event***





What to Expect at Check-in:


  • Management team members will update you on your current fundraising status.
  • If you have not yet reached your minimum, you will be asked to return on Saturday, February 17th before the event. We highly encourage you to continue fundraising to exceed the minimum and your goal, and will be providing you with fun ideas to help get you there!
  • If you have met the fundraising minimum, you will receive your t-shirt. Please remember to wear this shirt to the event!
  • Management team members will be available to answer any and all questions that you have about HuskyTHON and what to expect during the event!
  • At the end of the process, you will receive a packing list, as well as tips and strategies to prepare for the event, and information about when to arrive on the day of the event, February 17th!


Saturday, February 17th: 12pm-4pm ***Location: Laurel Hall 101 & 102***

Note: Due to the high influx of donations, the status of your HuskyTHON donor drive page may not be fully up to date prior to Check-in Week. However, please continue to come during your designated check-in time throughout the week as we will be providing you with important information for the event. Thank you for your patience, and keep up the fundraising during this final stretch.


If you have any questions at all please email our VP of Recruitment. Thank you again for your participation in HuskyTHON 2018. This event could not be possible without YOU, so please continue to fundraise and get excited!